On the corner of Tomášská and Letenská streets stands the ancient, originally burgher house U Schnellů, No. 27 from the 16th century. At the core, a Gothic object with Renaissance additions, formerly called U Zlaté Čápy, certainly remembers many. In 1787, the house was bought by the merchant Tomáš Schnell, after him is named today. Immediately after his acquisition, Tomáš Schnell made structural adjustments and in 1811 a major reconstruction led by the court builder Joseph Zobel (1744-1814). This gave the house the current Classicist architectural expression- In the House of Schnell there is a famous Prague restaurant, which remembers many famous visitors. At that time he sat there, and the prince of the Czech stage, actor of the National Theater in Prague, Eduard Vojan. He did not have that far, since he lived in the Verdugu house since 1910, No. 147 at the Old Chateau Stairs. Our restaurant was also visited by Ignát Hermann, Antonín Klášterský, Rudolf Friml and Karel Hašler.. With her friends, actress Jiřina Šejbalová liked to sit here.